What if it were Magic?

Blue Sky Brainstorming (BSB). A useful framework to add to your creative toolkit (reference concept of “enough” for another).

BSB is an open-ended approach to brainstorming where the limit is your imagination. You start by dreaming up what you wish would exist. No limits.

Whether it’s a new product or a product feature, start the creative process by asking: What if it were magic? Dream big and then simplify to what is possible.

I came across this approach on Ramit Sethi’s blog:

Series of conversations that are just pure blue sky, pure brainstorming. I love that when I’m writing a book, I love that when I’m creating a new program with my team, it’s just pure candy, pure blue sky brainstorming, no constraints. And the question I always ask my team is, what if it were magic? What if it were magic? So think about it. Amazon, for example, they started with that question. They go, ”If it were magic, you’d snap your fingers and you would have the detergent transported to your hand.” Well, we can’t do that. What’s the second best magic thing we can do? Oh, we could have a drone drop it on your front yard. Okay. We don’t have the technology for that yet. What’s the next thing we could do? We could have it delivered to you within 2 hours. And you just work your way backwards. I love this idea of starting from a place of magic and possibility.