Thinking Music

My morning routine includes listening to a vinyl record while I make my morning coffee.

I’ve found that Progressive Rock and Jazz music provide a mental stimulation that keeps me sharp and focused throughout the day. I haven’t researched any scientific literature on this topic, so my assessment is based purely on personal experience.

Here are some of the albums that I’ve been enjoying recently:

  1. A Trick of the Tail (Genesis)
  2. Wind & Wuthering (Genesis)
  3. Foxtrot (Genesis)
  4. Hemispheres (Rush)
  5. Hold Your Fire (Rush)
  6. Moving Pictures (Rush)
  7. Industry Standard (Dixie Dregs)
  8. What If (Dixie Dregs)
  9. Watercolors (Pat Metheny)
  10. New Chautauqua (Pat Metheny)
  11. Pat Metheny Group (Pat Metheny Group)
  12. Return To Ommadawn (Mike Oldfield)
  13. Ommadawn (Mike Oldfield)
  14. The Songs of Distant Earth (Mike Oldfield)
  15. Hergest Ridge (Mike Oldfield)