Shaping: Reading Highlights Organization Tool

As part of my reading routine, I capture quotes for future reference.

My current system involves creating a page in Notion for the current month, and then organizing the quotes as bulleted lists grouped by day. My objective was to create a system that was fast, reliable, and captured the data in an organized manner that made it easy to search.

At the top of the Notion page I keep a running list of trends that I’ve pulled from the articles I’ve read that month.

Here is what this months page looks like:


Reading Highlights Organization Tool

I went through the exercise of shaping a tool that could be built to cut down on the manual work required to capture these quotes and trends.


I read a lot of articles online. It’s difficult to remember all the insights that I gain from these articles. I currently copy/paste quotes from articles into a Notion page. Every month I create a new page to collect quotes for that month. The quotes are bulleted lists organized by day. Each bulleted list includes the article title, a hyperlink to the article, and quotes. At the top of the page I also keep a list themes/trends that I identify. I manually add these and link back to the bulleted list in the page. Overall the entire process is laborious.


An organizational tool for capturing passages, quotes, and themes from online content. All the user does is highlight text in their browser. The tool records and captures the relevant data automatically.

Main view by Month
View by Theme
Right-click to add word as theme
List of themes

Core Elements

  1. Highlight passage and it’s automatically captured.
  2. Right-click word or phrase and capture it as a theme.
  3. Page containing all passages captured in a given month grouped by article. Each group has hyperlinked title of the article, date, and any associated themes.
  4. Click on any theme to see Page containing all passages captured for a given theme grouped by article.
  5. Page containing all themes with counts reflecting how many articles are associated with that theme.
  6. Default view is current month, ability to navigate to previous months.

Nice To Have

  1. Quick search the page by word
  2. Word count restriction for highlights
  3. Smart grouping of similar themes into single theme (e.g. Google duplicate contacts merging)
  4. Manually creating themes in the application