Several Highlights from Rick Beato’s Interview with Nuno Bettencourt

Nuno Bettencourt is a renowned songwriter, musician, and guitar player.

You’ve heard his work if you know the hit song “More Than Words” by his band Extreme. Or you may recall the virtuosic shred guitar song in 1989’s “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” (the song is “Play With Me”, also by Extreme).

Nuno recently sat down for a 2 hour conversation with producer Rick Beato. For a guitar nerd like me, every minute of this interview was fascinating. They covered a lot of topics but what was most interesting was hearing how Nuno thought (from first principals) about guitar playing, songwriting, and what it meant to be a musician. He’s constantly asking “why”. What’s the purpose behind us doing this?

I loved this moment at 28:30:

When I play with a drummer, I ask him, why do we even have a beat in a song? What’s the purpose? It’s the dance, to move, to get locked into something. And to me, you got to dance. That may sound uncomfortable for most people, but you got to dance even on the guitar. It’s always a dance.

As you read the above you may have some doubts. Dancing on the guitar, really?

But watch this moment at 1:29:00.

On the song “More Than Words” Nuno with his right-hand played a tambourine style rhythm by tapping on the acoustic guitar. This subtle addition makes a huge difference in the feel of the song. Had he not done the tapping technique the song may have not been a hit.

What I mean by dancing and moving, you get physical with whatever you are doing.

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