Dichotomy of What If versus Why Not

Product Management has many dichotomies. Plan for the long-term, but prioritize diligently for the short-term. Listen to customers for product feedback, but form your own point of view. Lead your team, but don’t tell them what to do. Another dichotomy is balancing optimism and pessimism when building your product. What … Read more

Bob Iger’s 10 Leadership Principles

I’ve recently started reading “The Ride of a Lifetime“, the memoir of Disney CEO Bob Iger. In the prologue Bob shares 10 principles for true leadership. I believe that each of these principles can help Product Managers become more effective leaders, communicators, and team members. I’d classify these principles as … Read more

12 Product Management Frameworks

12 frameworks that are part of my Product Manager toolkit. Whether I’m shaping a new feature, creating a roadmap, or thinking about a problem, these are the frameworks I use. Addition by subtraction (less is more, 80-20) A simplification framework. A method to make a product less complex by focusing … Read more

Billionaires Build by Paul Graham

Today I revisited Billionaires Build by Paul Graham. In the essay he describes the components of a successful Y Combinator pitch. For me the essay is a framework of the most important questions startup founders should think through before building their product. It’s also a great framework for Product Manager … Read more

Shaping: Reading Highlights Organization Tool

As part of my reading routine, I capture quotes for future reference. My current system involves creating a page in Notion for the current month, and then organizing the quotes as bulleted lists grouped by day. My objective was to create a system that was fast, reliable, and captured the … Read more

Shaping Framework, Crypto Portfolio

The team at 37signals published a comprehensive blog post outlining how they used their Shape Up framework to build and launch a new product feature. In this post my focus is on the first part of their process, shaping. What is shaping? Shaping is defining the problem and the core … Read more