12 Product Management Frameworks

12 frameworks that are part of my Product Manager toolkit. Whether I’m shaping a new feature, creating a roadmap, or thinking about a problem, these are the frameworks I use. Addition by subtraction (less is more, 80-20) A simplification framework. A method to make a product less complex by focusing … Read more

Billionaires Build by Paul Graham

Today I revisited Billionaires Build by Paul Graham. In the essay he describes the components of a successful Y Combinator pitch. For me the essay is a framework of the most important questions startup founders should think through before building their product. It’s also a great framework for Product Manager … Read more

Shaping: Reading Highlights Organization Tool

As part of my reading routine, I capture quotes for future reference. My current system involves creating a page in Notion for the current month, and then organizing the quotes as bulleted lists grouped by day. My objective was to create a system that was fast, reliable, and captured the … Read more

Shaping Framework, Crypto Portfolio

The team at 37signals published a comprehensive blog post outlining how they used their Shape Up framework to build and launch a new product feature. In this post my focus is on the first part of their process, shaping. What is shaping? Shaping is defining the problem and the core … Read more

A Stubborn Point of View

Le Bernardin, a three Michelin star restaurant in New York City, was ranked the #1 restaurant in the United States for the seventh consecutive year. In February 2023 New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells gave the restaurant a glowing review, and a coveted 4-star rating. The owners of Le … Read more

Two Retail CEOs Seek to Turn Their Companies Around

The companies are Gap and Barnes & Noble. Both have recently hired CEOs tasked with turning the businesses around. Gap Gap’s recently reported Q3 2023 earnings results surprised Wall Street analysts and the stock jumped 15% in after-hours trading. As the Wall Street Journal reports: Gap reported that comparable sales … Read more