Naval & Scott University Reading List

In May 2018 Naval Ravikant joined Scott Adams on Twitter live for a wide ranging conversation. At 39:50, they discuss which classes would be taught at a Naval & Scott University. If I were tasked with creating a reading list for each class, here is what I would assign. Persuasive … Read more

A Hybrid or Electric Future?

According to a recent New York Times “The Daily” podcast episode, in 2023 we are on track for 1 million electric vehicles purchased, which is about 1 out of every 10 cars sold in the US. And yet the rate of increase in EV sales in the US went down … Read more

David Rosenberg on the Macro, Rates, Recession

This week the FOMC decided to hold the target interest rate steady at 525-550. Fed Funds Futures pricing data currently have a 95.2% probability that the Fed hold this interest rate level at the Dec 13 Fed meeting. And there is a 49.8% probability that the first 25 basis point … Read more

Nassim Taleb’s Summary of the Stoics

They were like Buddhists but with an attitude. They wanted to have the last word with fate. A Stoic is someone who transforms fear into prudence. Pain into information. Mistakes into initiation. Desire into undertaking. EconTalk Podcast: Nassim Nicholas Taleb on Antifragility (1:11:20 mark) Nassim considers Marcus Aurelius and Lucius … Read more

Elon Musk on Battery Charging, 0-80 vs 80-100

On a long trip for a gas car you would fill it up. But for a battery car the charge state tapers off as you get above 80%. Think of it like cars in a parking lot. The lithium ions are trying to find a parking space as they move … Read more

Francis Ngannou & Joe Rogan MMA Show #146

In JRE MMA Show #146 Joe Rogan chats with UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou. I know very little about MMA fighting, but I enjoy listening to the occasional episode when Joe speaks with a champion fighter. It’s interesting to hear their stories about rising through the ranks, the business side, … Read more