After the Close: September 7, 2023

Candle Ranges (daily, points)


Economic News

  • Unemployment claims came under forecast (216K vs 232K)


  • Premarket Apple lost more than 2%, Nvidia & Tesla lost about 1.5%, yet this did not send the market spiraling down.
  • ES held on to the ONL (4435), got back into yesterday’s range, couldn’t break much beyond the VAL.
  • NQ dipped below the ONL (15182), but recovered above the opening print (15200), attempted to get back into range but rejected the yLoD in the last 30 minutes of regular trading hours.
  • Tomorrow will be watching if NQ can get above 15300 level, and if the ES will retest the 4470 level.
/ES & /NQ Sep 7, 2023
/ES & /NQ Sep 7, 2023