Jobs to be done: Cruises for Gen Z travelers

Interesting 2023 article in the Wall Street Journal on how Gen Z travelers are being drawn to cruise vacations.

Cruise ships have historically been havens for snowbird retirees and multigenerational family reunions, both parties drawn to their efficiency and relative affordability. But increasingly, those advantages are attracting people like me, a 20-something tourist looking to spend a few days in the sun without decimating her savings.

Move Over, Retirees: Millennials Are Coming for Your Cruises, Wall Street Journal

What’s behind the emerging trend? Social media is part of it. According to the WSJ article, the TikTok hashtag #cruisetok has over one billion views.

Cruises are also completing multiple “jobs” that Gen Z travelers find valuable.

Cruises have upped their long-weekend itineraries, also more doable for younger workers with limited vacation time.

“The main idea that drew me in was being able to sample different locations,” said Mr. Brown. “I don’t have to necessarily book a full trip to Puerto Rico. I can go and test it out for a couple of hours.”

Young workers in the midst of building their careers are happy to hand off planning to a cruise package that has completely mapped out daily activities.

“I think we were just so overloaded with the reality of the world around us that we—I think especially millennials—have found our own, like, little escape culture,” said Ms. Shomer, the astrologist. “And a cruise is like the ultimate escape. You are in the middle of the ocean.”

Young customers are most often on board to celebrate, for a birthday, graduation, work promotion or even a divorce, said Nathan Rosenberg, the chief brand officer at Virgin Voyages.