Thinking of Tactics for Managing Uncertainty and Risk

Books, Product Management

The more I read and think about the topic of risk, the more I see how steeped it is in everything we do. Whether you are an investor, a product manager, a CEO, or anyone dealing with uncertainty, the effectiveness of the tactics you use for managing risk will likely … Read more

How To Plot Volume Bars on Index Charts in Thinkorswim

Trading, Books

I’m currently studying William J. O’Neal’s CAN SLIM Investing System. The M refers to Market Direction. Determining whether the general market is uptrending (bullish) or downtrending (bearish). O’Neal writes on the importance of monitoring both price and volume changes of markets. The best way for you to determine the direction … Read more

The Risk of Speed for Generative AI Applications

Artificial Intelligence

I recently posted my notes from an excellent Twitter Spaces conversation with Chamath Palihapitiya and Jonathan Ross, CEO and founder of Groq. Groq’s mission is to set the standard for GenAI inference speed. As Google pioneered near instantaneous search results (a current search for “large language models” returned 2.2 billions … Read more

Groq Twitter Space: Foundational Gen AI Topics for Builders

Artificial Intelligence

Chamath Palihapitiya recently hosted a Twitter Space with Jonathan Ross, CEO and founder of Groq, an AI solutions company. They covered Groq’s origin story, generative AI metrics, open source vs closed source models, and much more. Below is the Twitter Space and my notes from the conversation. Generative AI is … Read more

12 Product Management Frameworks

Product Management, Frameworks

12 frameworks that are part of my Product Manager toolkit. Whether I’m shaping a new feature, creating a roadmap, or thinking about a problem, these are the frameworks I use. Addition by subtraction (less is more, 80-20) A simplification framework. A method to make a product less complex by focusing … Read more

Fed Chair Jerome Powell: The 2024 60 Minutes Interview

Finance, Current Affairs

In the 60 Minutes interview released today, Jerome Powell stated that the first interest rate cut of 2024 will likely be in the middle of the year. Powell also commented on the importance of taking control of our national debt, and had two things to share when asked on what … Read more

Billionaires Build by Paul Graham

Product Management, Frameworks

Today I revisited Billionaires Build by Paul Graham. In the essay he describes the components of a successful Y Combinator pitch. For me the essay is a framework of the most important questions startup founders should think through before building their product. It’s also a great framework for Product Manager … Read more

Shaping: Reading Highlights Organization Tool

Product Management

As part of my reading routine, I capture quotes for future reference. My current system involves creating a page in Notion for the current month, and then organizing the quotes as bulleted lists grouped by day. My objective was to create a system that was fast, reliable, and captured the … Read more

Origin of the Non-Fungible Token Standard


Origin stories have always been an interest of mine. In this post I’ll go through the origin of the technology behind NFTs. In May of 2022 the NFT asset class reached a peak valuation of $21 billion. OpenSea, the premier application for buying and selling NFTs reached a peak valuation … Read more

Shaping Framework, Crypto Portfolio

Product Management, Crypto, Frameworks

The team at 37signals published a comprehensive blog post outlining how they used their Shape Up framework to build and launch a new product feature. In this post my focus is on the first part of their process, shaping. What is shaping? Shaping is defining the problem and the core … Read more

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