Notes from Marty Friedman’s Melodic Control Guitar Lesson

This lesson from Marty Friedman was release in 1993. Topics include chord progressions, arpeggios, relative minor chords, scales, how to build a melody, picking, bending, and playing the blues. Full video: Opening (1:05) “Making music, not just playing exercises, being in control of what you’re doing, do it, handle … Read more

Notes from Billy Sheehan’s Basic Bass Instructional Video

One of my recommended tactics for learning bass as a guitar player is to utilize instructional videos on YouTube. I came across this 90 minute lesson by bass extraordinaire Billy Sheehan. It’s a great foundational lesson for beginners. Billy covers left and right-hand basics, exercises, how to practice, and much … Read more

Soloing with the Dominant Pentatonic Scale

The Dominant pentatonic scale is an excellent scale to add to your guitar playing toolkit. The addition of the flat-7th gives the scale a distinct (Dominant) sound when compared to a Major pentatonic. The formula for the Dominant pentatonic scale is: I, III, IV, V, bVII.  Therefore the C Dominant … Read more

Notes from John Petrucci’s 1999 Ibanez Clinic

In this clinic John covered: right and left hand technique, how to develop speed, how he approaches tone, and how to play expressively with phrasing. Throughout the clinic he also performs various Liquid Tension Experiment and Dream Theater songs. Full video: Right hand technique for speed (22:40) The rule … Read more

Guitar Soloing Tip: Don’t Fear Wrong Notes

In this post I cover two mental models that will help you embrace “wrong” notes when you improvise or solo. These two models are borrowed from two fantastic musicians, bassist Victor Wooten (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones) and guitarist George Lynch (Dokken). Introduction Imagine being on stage and playing an … Read more