Francis Ngannou & Joe Rogan MMA Show #146

In JRE MMA Show #146 Joe Rogan chats with UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou.

I know very little about MMA fighting, but I enjoy listening to the occasional episode when Joe speaks with a champion fighter. It’s interesting to hear their stories about rising through the ranks, the business side, training, diet, and systems they implement.

Around the 50 minute mark Francis reflects on losing his first UFC Heavyweight Championship fight in 2018, and what he changed so that 3 years later he won the rematch and the heavyweight title.

Previously I was knocking people out without rushing. But the mistake I made was I started thinking about the knockout. I had never thought about it, but it just happened. I started to think about it, trying to make it happen. I had a lot of pressure, so I felt that I had to give a result. That’s why I was rushing. I went back and watched my fight and I didn’t recognize myself. Why was I rushing? Then I understood, maybe I have to go back to my previous way, previous you, and everything would be fine. I learned. I’m in the support to learn. I saw that I had a deficiency, so I paid a lot of attention to fixing it.

On evolving his training:

I learned how to train properly. I think about everything as a deficiency. Everything has to evolve, whether it’s my striking, wrestling or jiu-jitsu. That’s why you keep training. The day you think I’m good at this, that’s the day you start going down. You can’t stay at the same level, you have permanently try to go up. And even if you aren’t going up, you can push to do so. But if you stay comfortable with something, that’s they day you start to lose it.