Elon Musk on Battery Charging, 0-80 vs 80-100

On a long trip for a gas car you would fill it up. But for a battery car the charge state tapers off as you get above 80%. Think of it like cars in a parking lot. The lithium ions are trying to find a parking space as they move from one side of the battery to the other. Ions are bouncing around looking for a parking space. When the parking lot is empty, they can zip right in and find a spot. As the parking lot gets full, just like trying to find a parking space in the mall, you’ll need to hunt for a spot. As the battery gets closer to full, it’s harder to find a spot. Getting from 80% to 100% takes almost as much time as getting from 0% to 80%.

The Joe Rogan Experience #2054, Elon Musk (18:45 mark)

The equal time duration of going from 0-80 to 80-100 has interesting parallels.

If today self-driving has reached the 80% level, do we have another 20 years to go in order to reach Level 5 autonomy (100% level)?

Where on the spectrum of 0-80 to 80-100 are current Generative AI capabilties? Will advancements take much longer in the 80-100 phase if the 100% level is the Singularity?

To extend the life of a battery it’s recommended to charge the batter to 80-90% versus 100% (Tesla vehicles do this automatically). Should we apply that limitation to self-driving and AI as well?