How To Plot Volume Bars on Index Charts in Thinkorswim

I’m currently studying William J. O’Neal’s CAN SLIM Investing System. The M refers to Market Direction. Determining whether the general market is uptrending (bullish) or downtrending (bearish). O’Neal writes on the importance of monitoring both price and volume changes of markets. The best way for you to determine the direction … Read more

Naval & Scott University Reading List

In May 2018 Naval Ravikant joined Scott Adams on Twitter live for a wide ranging conversation. At 39:50, they discuss which classes would be taught at a Naval & Scott University. If I were tasked with creating a reading list for each class, here is what I would assign. Persuasive … Read more

Identifying Early Trends

Chris Camillo, a trader featured in Unknown Market Wizards, has a trading edge based on identifying early trends. Here is Chris in the book: I was a very early investor in National Beverage Corporation, which is this weird company in Florida that manufacturers La Croix, and La Croix accounts for … Read more

Unknown Market Wizard Peter L. Brandt

Last month Jack D. Schwager released book #5 in his Market Wizards series, Unknown Market Wizards. The first book in the series, Market Wizards was published in 1989. Nassim Taleb said the following about the original book: I’ve read Market Wizards at several stages of my career as it shows the staying … Read more

Hope is Not a Strategy

I learned an important lesson from trading this year: hope is not a strategy. If you enter a trade that goes against you, and it keeps going against you, hoping that the position will recover is a losing strategy. The hope trade may work once, twice, even ten times in … Read more

Nassim Taleb’s Summary of the Stoics

They were like Buddhists but with an attitude. They wanted to have the last word with fate. A Stoic is someone who transforms fear into prudence. Pain into information. Mistakes into initiation. Desire into undertaking. EconTalk Podcast: Nassim Nicholas Taleb on Antifragility (1:11:20 mark) Nassim considers Marcus Aurelius and Lucius … Read more

Addition through Subtraction, Nassim Taleb’s Via Negativa Heuristic

More features. More trades. More decisions. More uncertainty. More unexpected side effects. Consider the converse. Fewer features. Fewer trades. Fewer decisions. Less uncertainty. Fewer side effects. How can simplifying impact what you’re working on? In “Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder“, Nassim Taleb introduces readers to the Latin term via … Read more