Bob Iger’s 10 Leadership Principles

I’ve recently started reading “The Ride of a Lifetime“, the memoir of Disney CEO Bob Iger.

In the prologue Bob shares 10 principles for true leadership. I believe that each of these principles can help Product Managers become more effective leaders, communicators, and team members.

I’d classify these principles as essential Product Manager soft skills (for tactical Product Management frameworks, check out my 12 Product Management Frameworks).

Leadership Principles

1. Optimism

Pragmatic enthusiasm for what can be achieved.

2. Courage

Foundation of risk taking. True innovation occurs when people have courage.

3. Focus

Imperative to communicate priorities clearly and often.

4. Decisiveness

Encourage a diversity of opinion, balanced with a need to make and implement decisions.

5. Curiosity

The path to innovation begins with curiosity.

6. Fairness

Empathy is essential, as is accessibility.

7. Thoughtfulness

Take the time to develop informed opinions.

8. Authenticity

Be genuine, be honest, don’t fake anything.

9. Relentless pursuit of perfection

Refusal to accept mediocrity. If you believe something can be made better, put in the effort to do it.

10. Integrity

The way you do anything, is the way you do everything.