AI Generated Music for Workouts

I previously wrote about Suno, a generative application that generates songs from text.

The songs are of incredibly high quality. An unsuspecting listener would likely not even consider that the song they are hearing was generated by AI.

Generative music could have interesting use cases. One use case is generative playlists for the gym.

People rely on music in the gym to push them during their workouts. The right song in the right moment is a powerful motivator. The right song can provide an extra boost of adrenaline to help you push through a difficult set, a heavy weight, or a challenging cardio exercise.

In our current world, you either pick a Spotify curated gym playlist, create your own, or activate shuffle mode and hope for the best. You hit the skip button dozens of times until you get to that perfect song to help you with your workout.

In a generative music world, you open the app [1] and hit play.

Imagine that the generative music app is connected to your calendar and your wearable health monitoring device (e.g. Apple Watch or Stelo). The app is aware (from your calendar) that you are doing a “45 minute cardio workout”. Using your historical gym data (consisting of the workout type, songs played, and health metrics from your wearable device) it generates the perfect first song to start your workout.

As you go through your workout, say you get tired at minute 25. Data from your wearable health device is transmitted to the generative music app. It sees that your hear rate variability (HRV) is not at the optimal level and that your physical output is declining. It knows that you are getting tired. In that moment the app generates a song with characteristics (e.g. increased tempo, heavy bass, operatic vocals) that have historically motivated you to increase your output. It’s the perfect song to give you a boost of energy that pushes you through the challenging moment of the workout.

It’s the perfect song generated at the perfect moment, every time.

[1] Steve Eisman believes the next wave for AI will the creation of hundreds of applications, an Apple is betting they will be run on their mobile devices.