AI Generated Music for Workouts

I previously wrote about Suno, a generative application that generates songs from text. The songs are of incredibly high quality. An unsuspecting listener would likely not even consider that the song they are hearing was generated by AI. Generative music could have interesting use cases. One use case is generative … Read more

Steve Eisman’s Three Big Macro Themes

There are three great stories of our time right now. AI and everything having to do with it. Infrastructure. And Crypto. I believe in the first two and I don’t believe in the third. Steve Eisman on the Three Big Macro Stories of Our Time | Odd Lots Steve Eisman … Read more

AI Generated Entertainment: Sora & Suno

Earlier this year OpenAI introduced the world to Sora. A text-to-video model that can generate realistic videos from descriptive prompts. The high fidelity and rich quality of the videos generated by Sora captured the collective imagination of the Internet. Was this the first step toward replacing Hollywood? Are we heading … Read more

Weekly Rollup Podcasts

Podcasts are an excellent informational medium to stay informed on industry news and trends. In particular, weekly rollup style podcasts, typically 60-90 minutes in length, succinctly deliver the latest industry happenings. Here are the rollup style podcasts I’m currently enjoying. All-In Podcast Tech, economy, investing. Industry veterans, degenerate gamblers & … Read more

Framework of Crisp

I’ve noticed the word “crisp” being used across various domains and scenarios. For example I read a job description that listed “crisp execution” as a requirement. Jeff Bezos talks about writing “crisp” documents at Amazon. My perfect meeting starts with a crisp document. So the document should be written with … Read more

Three Rules for Investing

A “trader” would be primarily concerned with which direction the stock market was heading, while an “investor” would concentrate on selecting stocks with the best chance of outperforming the market overall. In other words, the investor was always long, while the trader might be long or short. Market Wizards Whether … Read more

Dichotomy of What If versus Why Not

Product Management has many dichotomies. Plan for the long-term, but prioritize diligently for the short-term. Listen to customers for product feedback, but form your own point of view. Lead your team, but don’t tell them what to do. Another dichotomy is balancing optimism and pessimism when building your product. What … Read more

Bob Iger’s 10 Leadership Principles

I’ve recently started reading “The Ride of a Lifetime“, the memoir of Disney CEO Bob Iger. In the prologue Bob shares 10 principles for true leadership. I believe that each of these principles can help Product Managers become more effective leaders, communicators, and team members. I’d classify these principles as … Read more